• The Lochmoor Club pool is open from 8am-9pm Sunday-Thursday and 8am-10pm Friday-Saturday.

  • Key card access is required to enter and exit the pool area.

  • Any questions or complaints should be directed to info@lochmoor-club-poa.com.

  • Please read and adhere to all POOL RULES.

Key Card Request Form is available here.

  • Lost your key? Need an additional key? New to the neighborhood? Key doesn't work anymore? Click on the link above, enter/submit the required information, drop a check (see note below) in the POA mailbox at the front of the subdivision, and a pool key will be created for you.

  • Note: One key comes with each house and should have been left by the previous owner. Lost or additional keys are $25/key. If payment is required, write the check for the total amount payable to Lochmoor Club POA and write "Pool Key" in the memo section of the check. Keys that no longer work are free of charge, as are keys that were not left by previous owners.


    1. Review and adhere to POOL PARTY RULES.

    2. Select open date and time, referring to the calendar below. (Only one pool party can be scheduled per day.)

    3. Submit the request using the POOL PARTY RESERVATION FORM.

    4. A pool committee member will get back to you confirming your reservation.

    5. The pool committee member will log the party into the pool calendar.