Amenity Reservations

The Lochmoor Club POA uses to manage amenity reservations for the pavilion, tennis court or to book a pool party. Each family should create ONE user profile. That one user profile PER FAMILY should be used for all reservations. Do not create multiple profiles per household. The parameters set in the system apply to families, not individuals within families. Duplicate profiles will be deleted. 

The first time a reservation is made, no password is required. Users will include an email address with the reservation, and a confirmation email will be sent to that email. At that point, the user can go in and create a password. Click HERE for more information. 

NOTE: Make sure to write down the email address associated with the Skedda user profile for the family. It will be needed for future reservations.

Please click on the subpage for the amenity to be reserved. All reservation signups require all participants to adhere to Lochmoor Club POA rules and regulations. Failure to follow the rules will result in a $100 fine and the removal of security access to the amenities and future bookings.