POA Dues

The POA dues for 2024 are $700/lot. We have two options to accept your payment. 

NOTE:  When checking out via PayPal, you will need to use the address fields below. Please make sure the Lochmoor Club property address is listed as the Shipping Address or there may be issues with crediting the proper account.

Billing Address = Address associated with the credit card

Shipping Address = Property address for which the dues are being paid if different than the billing address

POA Dues Payment Policy

Per POA policy, payments not received by the March 31 deadline incur a $50 late fee on April 1; payments not received by April 30 incur another $50 late fee on May 1. Payments not received by May 15 result in a lien being filed. Any lien filed for non-payment of POA dues will include the amount due plus filing costs, a $50 fee (per Covenants Section VI.C), interest, and any other fees associated with processing the lien. The total amount due will continue to accrue with interest until the payment in full is received. Alternatively, the POA may, at its discretion, use other avenues to pursue collection (e.g., small claims court). 

POA Dues Payments (firm deadline dates)

** PayPal payments are not allowed for any payments with late fees. Dues payments not made by the March 31 deadline must be paid by check or money order. Please contact the POA for details.