Pool Party Reservations

View Pool Party Sign-Up Calendar HERE (You will be redirected to our Skedda reservation system.)

Rules for Pool Party Signup and Use. Failure to follow the rules may result in a $100 fine and the removal of security access to the amenities and future bookings.

  • Do not forget to add your FULL NAME to the booking.

  • Parties are limited to a total of 20 people, including the party hosts.

      • COMBO PARTY - If you are using the pavilion for your pool party, you must create a reservation in both venues (Pool Party and Pavilion in the Spaces dropdown) and follow the rules for the number of swimmers allowed in the pool. The total number of people allowed for a combo party is 50.

  • Parties may last up to three (3) hours.

  • The pool, including all areas, must remain open to other residents during the time of the party.

  • Party attendees must be respectful of residents using the pool areas during the party.

  • Pool rules must be followed by all residents and invited guests. The Lochmoor Club lot owner is responsible for the behavior and actions of all invited guests.

  • Party hosts are responsible for cleaning up after the party. All trash generated must be removed from the pool area (not placed in pool or other POA garbage cans).

  • Grills are not permitted in the pool area. If grill use is needed, the pavilion must be reserved at the same time and the grill waiver signed. (See Pavilion Reservations page for more information.)

  • Damage/cleanup charges (if any) will be billed to the user if the user has not complied with all rules and provisions. Damage invoices will be emailed within 14 days and will be due upon receipt. Failure to pay the damage/cleanup invoice may result in extra fees and removal of access to all Lochmoor Club amenities.