Tennis Court Reservations

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Note: The first time the booking is made, no password is required. Users will include an email address with the booking, and a confirmation will be sent to that email. At that point, the user can go in and create a password. Click here for more information.

Rules for Tennis Court Signup and Use

  • Do not forget to add your FULL NAME to the booking.

  • No one in the same house can book back-to-back.

  • No one person may use or be on the court back-to-back.

  • Please show up a few minutes before your start time so schedules run on time. If you are late, your time may not be extended beyond your scheduled time.

  • After a scheduled booking, a player may stay on the court ONLY IF 1) there is no other reservation for the court OR IF 2) no drop-by player is waiting. This will require the player to check the schedule before continuing.

  • Pick up all items and/or trash before leaving the court.

Failure to follow the rules may result in the removal of security access to the court.