Pavilion Reservations

View Pavilion Sign-Up Calendar HERE

Note: The first time the booking is made, no password is required. Users will include an email address with the booking, and a confirmation will be sent to that email. At that point, the user can go in and create a password. Click here for more information.

Rules for Pavilion Signup and Use

  • Do not forget to add your FULL NAME to the booking.

  • Reservations are limited to ONE booking per 30-day period per family.

  • Maximum number of people allowed: 50

  • Reservations may not be extended beyond the scheduled time.

  • Use of any amplified sound system for playing music or otherwise must be done so that it is not a nuisance to others using the Lochmoor Club amenities or occupants in surrounding homes.

  • If a grill is used, instructions should be carefully followed for proper cleaning.

  • If tables are rearranged, they must be returned to their original position.

  • All items and/or trash must be picked up before leaving the pavilion area.

  • All trash must be taken away, not put in or placed by the permanent trash cans located by other amenities.

  • Soiled picnic tables or the pavilion floor must be completely cleaned. (There is a hose available to clean the area if necessary.)

  • Damage/cleanup charges (if any) will be billed to the user if the user has not complied with all rules and provisions. Damage invoices will be mailed within 14 days and will be due upon receipt. Failure to pay the damage/cleanup invoice may result in extra fees and removal of access to all Lochmoor Club amenities.

Failure to follow the rules may result in the removal of future booking access.